How to Mint VOGONYANGS NFT for the Whitelist

Whitelist Minting Schedules

- Monday, May 9, 7 p.m. KST

- 500 pieces

- 130 KLAY

※ Everyone can mint up to fifteen VOGONYANGS NFTs per wallet.

※ Whitelist members can mint up to three VOGONYANGS NFTs per wallet during the whitelist minting period.

※ We will announce the specified minting page for the whitelist 10 minutes before the minting starts on VOGONYANGS Discord.

1. Visit the VOGONYANGS NFT main minting page.

※ Please access the page with the URL provided by the VOGONYANGS official community. (SCAM ALERT!)

2. Click the [WHITE LIST] button on the main minting page.

3. Click the [CONNECT WALLET] button at the top right of the page.

4. Select the account you want to link. Then, click the Connect button.

※ After successfully connecting the account, you can see the wallet address on the corresponding page.

5. Enter the desired quantity and click the [MINTING] button.

※ Whitelist members can mint up to three VOGONYANGS NFTs per transaction.

6. Review your order details on the transaction confirmation page and click the [CONFIRM] button.

※ You can’t proceed to mint when you have an insufficient wallet balance.

7. You can see a pop-up message of ‘Congratulation! Your Nyangs has been minted Successfully!’ when it goes through successfully.

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