At the beginning of its launch, cryptocurrency introduced a new vision to connect payments around the world and create new financial services based on a decentralized network.

However, due to the investment products, it has been losing sight of its vision recently. The investment products, of course, played a significant role to expand the ecosystem and attract keen interest and involvement, but they adversely affected the core value of cryptocurrency.

VOGOPLAY has connected offline and online commerce experiences so far. With that, VOGOPLAY is expanding its scope to the virtual world and creating new commerce and payment experience with its form of currency.

VOGOPLAY is building a platform that bridges offline to online with physical products, and connects online and the virtual world with NFT, which gradually evolves into one ecosystem in which virtual currency is used worldwide.


VOGO COIN(VGC), as a Klaytn-based cryptocurrency, is one of the payment options that can be used in the VOGO PLANET. You can use VGC to customize characters, decorate my room, and expand territories. VGC is a variable value, so the price is determined by their value at the time of purchase when buying physical products in VOGO and VOGO GROUND.

How to get VGC

  • KLAYswap pool or direct purchase at the exchange

  • VOGO Nyangs NFT & auto-collect with a new NFT hold

  • Exchanging with VGP that you earned in VOGO, VOGO PLANET, and VOGO PLANET

  • Economic activities within VOGO PLANET

∙ Sales & Exchanges of items, NFT, etc.

∙ Self-built lands, store leases, or advertising execution in the corresponding area

∙ Deposit interest from PLANET banks

∙ Events participation

Amount Issued

  • Total: 3,000,000,000 VGC

  • Unlock sequentially over the next 10 years.

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