VOGO ecosystem pursues play-to-earn(P2E)

Various activities in VOGO, VOGOPLANET, and VOGOGROUND are for Play.

You can play-to-earn VGP and VGC and help establish good values as they can be used not only in the virtual world but also in the real world for physical products.



Adding live stream alerts, following, writing reviews, participating in events, etc.


Following, participating in events, selling items/spaces, renting, staking, etc.


Participating in events, purchasing products, etc.

You can get or use VGC within the VOGO ecosystem as follows.

The VGP ecosystem is already being established based on an annual transaction of 100 billion won. The foundation for the VGP-VGC liquidity pool is also in progress.

These all work together to successfully launch VGC, VOGOPLANET, and VOGOGROUND and create a stable ecosystem connecting online, offline, and the virtual world.

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